Timely supply of wheat to godowns demanded

CHITRAL, Sept 28: The government should arrange transportation of wheat to the far-off villages in Chitral before the winter sets in. This demand was put forth by former district nazim of Chitral, Maghfirat Shah, while talking to the local media on Friday. He said the government had established grain godowns of food department at the UC level in all the valleys. He said intense coldwaves gripped the valleys of Terich, Khot, Rech, Melp, Yarkhun, Laspur and Oveer and the water channels freeze during the three months closing down the water mills. Mr Shah said that there was no other source of grinding the wheat except for water mills in all these valleys and if the wheat transportation was delayed, then the people will face tremendous difficulties in grinding it. The former district nazim said the old stock in the grain stores had either exhausted or the commodity was not fit for human consumption. He said the people of the areas faced the problems of poverty and unemployment and they hardly manage a cash to purchase a 100-kg bag of wheat and they should be provided with fresh and uncontaminated commodity.–Zahiruddin]]>

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