Youths of Chitral are rising

The revolution of information technology and social media has equipped the youths all over the world with a weapon to express themselves and raise voice against injustices and equalities. In this evolution, it is of particular interest to mention that the youths of Chitral are playing their due role in bringing a change and moulding public opinion in an environment that had remained in the shadow of information sharing. When we look at the giant social media networks like Facebook and YouTube, we find youths of Chitral promoting their cultural values and traditions besides taking part in healthy discussions on different issues. Apart from that, educated youths are also blogging extensively, which is a good sign for the progress and development of backward areas like Chitral. One such blog I recently came across is available at this link: You will enjoy reading the contents of the blog. There are plenty of others but we must appreciate the fact that most of the young generation are using the available media for constructive purposes.—]]>

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  1. There is no denying the fact that our youths have become more connected to the Media particularly with the social media. It is a good omen for the healthy development of our areas that most of the sites, corners and groups have been made to promote important causes (aims) that are worth important for Chitral. I do appreciate the services of the professional media persons of Chitral.

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