Khowar ready for inclusion in sylabus

CHITRAL, July 20: Experts at a workshop organized by the textbook board Peshawar discussed the alphabets and scripts of Khowar language for inclusion in the syllabus. They also finalized inclusion in the database six additional alphabets of the language.

It may be noted that the provincial government has decided to include five regional languages in the syllabus. These included Khowar, Pushto, Hindko, Kohistani and Seraiki.

Ealier, two more workshops were held to discuss the details about the Chitrali language while syllabus making in the language is at its final stage.

In this regard, the Anjuma Taraqi-e-Khowar has made all preparations and the workshops were also being held in its coordination. It is very important to mention here that the teaching of Khowar language in the syllabus of primary schools will start with the new academic session of 2013.

The people of Chitral have thanked the provincial government led by Ameer Haider khan Hoti for not only launching unprecedented number of development projects in the backward valley but also including Khowar language in the syllabus.

They said the decision to include Khowar language in the syllabus would be a milestone in promoting the language at the local and the national level.—Syed Nazir Hussain Shah

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