Avalanche blocks Chitral-Gilgit road

GILGIT, July 8: An avalanche hit an area near Phandar valley blocking the Chitral-Gilgit road. Hundreds of people intending to reach Shandur and participate in the annual polo festival have got stuck there. Administration officials said the avalanche destroyed standing corps and agricultural fields. Police said there was no life loss due to the avalanche. Meanwhile, following high snow melting‚ water level has risen in Gilgit River that caused erosion at a number of places along the bank of river. Traffic between Ghizer and Chitral via Shandur Pass has been suspended due to the land slide and flood at Sost Nullah. Officials said floods caused by glacial water had destroyed some houses and submerged one and half kilometre road. The Ghizer district administration has sent police to the affected area and concerned departments have been directed to expedite work to re-open the road.]]>

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