Protection of women's rights linked to good governance

CHITRAL, June 6: The protection of women rights and their safety against violence is possible only if good governance is ensured through the ballot and to achieve this aim the civil society organizations should be streamlined and strengthened, said speakers in the concluding ceremony of a two-day workshop held by Strengthening Participatory Organization (SPO). The speakers included program manager of SPO, Ijaz Durrani, Abdullah Haroon and the head of partner organization Engineer Taimur Shah. They said that the SPO has chalked out strategy to reach the different strata of the civil society to sensitize it so that they could perform their role in the democratic process while the women folk are being focused especially who have a crucial role to play in the process. They said that if the women are organized on proper lines, they do have a defining role in shaping the future of politics in the country which will further rid them of the excesses and perpetration of the male-dominated society against them in most horrendous forms and manifestations. They favoured the change through political process which is alone non-violent and peaceful source to shift the centre of gravity from one side to another so that each segment of the society gets its due right in the system. The SPO, they said that has been striving to galvanize the opinion leaders and opinion makers of the society since the last many years and now the stage has arrived to turn to the women folk so that they could be organized in a way to rid themselves of the yoke of their male partners but in a peaceful manner.–Zahiruddin]]>

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