Transfer of power house opposed

CHITRAL, June 7: The residents of Balach, Singur, Seen Lusht and Shali have demanded of the federal ministry of water and power not to transfer the microhydro power station of Chitral owned by WAPDA to the small hydel development organization (SHYDO) of the provincial government for its operation and maintenance. Addressing a press conference here on Wednesday, the elites of the villages Hafiz Fazlullah, Gul Nawaz Khaki, Sardar Muhammad Khan, Qazi Azizuddin, Sher Baig and others said that it was not advisable to transfer the power station which will hamper its efficiency as the SHYDO was a smaller organization having no expertise in the field and without sound financial resources. They also alleged mismanagement in SHYDO and said that it will adversely affect the power generation facility in the area ultimately leaving thousands of the consumers in trouble. They said that the power station was being upgraded by WAPDA to meet the power shortage in the city and its transfer at this critical stage will stop the process. They warned the government that they will lodge protest if the power station is transferred to the provincial government.–Zahiruddin]]>

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