Langlands' Chitrali student to write his biography

Report Waqar Ahmed CHITRAL, May 15: Famous educationist and Principal of Langlands School and College Geoffrey Douglas Langlands in a formal agreement has authorized one of his former students, Khalid Pervaiz, to write his biography. [caption id="attachment_1849" align="alignleft" width="270" caption="Langlands with Khalid"][/caption] As per the terms of the agreement, no book on the same subject will be written by anyone else till the publication of this book. The book will cover the entire life experiences and works of G. D. Langlands in England, the subcontinent and inPakistan. The book is expected to be published at the earliest as the writer will work in close coordination with the subject. It is pertinent to mention here that the writer has studied at the Langlands School and College till he did his intermediate. He has got his masters degree in English literature and political science from the University of Peshawar. Previously, he has been contributing to various mainstream online and national dailies. Talking to, Khalid Pervaiz stated that since no book had been written on the life and works of Langlands, he shared the idea with him and the latter seconded it. He further said the services of Langlands in the field of education in Pakistan and especially in Chitral deserved to be duly eulogized and the effort in the direction of writing on him will be a right step. Meanwhile, when this scribe talked to Mr Langlands, he said his first visit to Chitral was in June 1962 when he was on a trip with senior Atchsonians to this area. He later came to Chitral in 1989 and joined the then Sayurj Public School as a Principal. He further stated that it was a dream comes true for him that one of his students has taken up the task of writing his biography.  ]]>

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  1. I am very happy and exalted to read the report that a Chitrali young man has taken up the undaunted challenge of writing the biography of great benefactor of Chitral Maj. G. D. Langlands. for
    Alizay’s kind information, I would like to say that a book goes through a rigorous editing and proof reading before its publication.
    abi tu giran e shab me kami nahi ayi;
    nijad e dida u dil ki gari nahi ayi,
    chale chalo ke wo manzil abi nhi ayi.

  2. To err is human. Alizay ali has done a good job in pointing out the mistakes, but the way he criticizes mr Khalid is totally ridiculous.There is no doubt that Mr Khalid is an intelligent person and well deserved for this job.One should keep in mind that he has been chosen by Sir G D Langlands not by a layman.
    There is also a mistake in Alizay paragraph i.e LANGELANDS instead of Landlands.

  3. Saw a contract for the same purpose on facebook. I Dont think Mr. Khalid can do justice with the great man as is evident from the english written in the contract. How can he write a whole book on this great man in English language where he could not write a half page contract without errors. For example, it is one agreement not agreement, and his name is spelled Langlads not Langelands as written in point 5 of the contract.

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