Absence of counselling in jail worries rights activist

CHITRAL, May 15: The chairman of Human Rights Programme Chitral (HRPC) Niaz A. Niazi Advocate has expressed his apprehensions over the absence of counselling and probation facilities in the district jail. Talking to this correspondent here on Tuesday, he said in the absence of counselling, the convicted rejoined society as a hardened criminal after completing their terms. He said that there was no arrangement for vocational training of the inmates while there was a great scope for the promotion of local cottage industry through the jail prisoners. Mr. Niazi said the process of imparting vocational training to the prisoners would further help the inmates to earn their livelihood with ease and esteem after their release from the jail. He said the carpet and wool based industry and embroidery including the wood carving had a great potential in Chitral and a small amount of earnest effort by the jail authorities can go a long way to promote the industry. Regarding the facilities available to the inmates, Mr. Niazi expressed his satisfaction and said the atmosphere was quite hygienic with the desired quality and quantity of food served to the inmates. Mr. Niazi said many prisoners were found languishing in the jail either due to the faulty investigation process of the police or its laxity. Citing an example, he said a juvenile offender from Parkusap village of Mastuj was in the jail for the last 40 days for no crime. He announced to provide the poor inmates with free legal aid so that no one remained in the jail even for a day without any crime and conviction.–Zahiruddin  ]]>

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