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AKES Chitral head removed

Zulfiqar Ahmad

Aga Khan Education Service (EKES) Chitral’s chief was removed from his post on the charge of mismanagement and poor performance, sources in the organization told ChitralToday.

They said a high-level team from the AKES Pakistan’s main office carried out a secret survey of the AKES schools in Chitral and found their performance and standards deteriorating.

Later, the team submitted its report to the higher authorities. In the meantime, there were also complaints against the former AKES Chitral assistant general manager Zuhran Shah that he had himself used and also lent shuttering plates used in the construction of the AKES schools to his favorites without the knowledge of the authorities concerned.

He was called to a meeting in Islamabad and conveyed the concerns about the matter. Later, through an email he was informed that his services had been concluded based on the inquiry report.

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