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Flooded Chitral-Mastuj road opened for traffic

CHITRAL: The Chitral-Mastuj road was on Monday afternoon opened for traffic by arranging alternate passageways at its flood-damaged points, the district administration of Lower Chitral said. 

The main road between Chitral Lower and Upper was washed away at Nerdeth Gol near Denin, Kari and Koghuzi by flooding in nullahs. The bridge on River Yarkhun near Mastuj was also damaged by river flooding. 

The DC Lower Chitral office said the National Highway Authority (NHA) worked day and night and restored traffic on the main road. 

However, as there was a forecast for more rains the district administration advised commuters to be careful and avoid unnecessary travel.

Meanwhile, the C&W department managed to reopen the Rumbur road up to the police station of Rumbur and Madaklasht road up to Patigal.  

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