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Ten members of family burnt alive in house fire

LAHORE: Ten members of a family, including an infant and women, were burnt alive when the compressor of their refrigerator exploded in a house in the Bhati Gate area of Lahore early on Wednesday.

The deceased included a man, his wife, two other women, five children and a seven-month-old baby. Only one member of the family managed to escape the deadly fire by jumping off the building.

Rescue officials confirmed that the fire broke out due to an explosion in fridge’s compressor. They said the house had no ventilation to let the smoke out.

Some of the deceased were identified as Adil Hussain, Saira Bano, Farzana, Amber, Ghazal, Fatima, while the identification of the remaining was underway.

“There was nothing left by the time we reached here,” they said.

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