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Chief secretary chairs meeting on issues of Chitral

PESHAWAR: A meeting held in Peshawar with Chief Secretary Nadeem Aslam Chaudhry here on Tuesday discussed different issues faced by the people of Chitral.

The meeting was held as people of Chitral have been protesting against an unprecedented increase in the price of wheat.

As the annual Shandur polo festival is being held from July 7 to 9, the angry people have started blocking roads asking the government to supply them subsidized wheat.

On Monday, the protesters had blocked the main Chitral road at Bakrabad. The DC Lower Chitral held talks with representatives of the protesters and promised that their online meeting with the chief secretary would be arranged at 10am on Tuesday to resolve the wheat crisis.

On their assurance, the road blockade was removed.

In a statement on Tuesday, the chief secretary office said a meeting in Peshawar discussed the issues of Chitral such as the wheat crisis and poor condition of roads.

The meeting was given a detailed briefing on precautionary measures to deal with flash floods during monsoon, roads condition, drinking water and irrigation projects.

The chief secretary ordered the authorities concerned to take concrete steps to resolve issues on priority basis.

The participants also discussed arrangements for the annual Shandur polo festival.

The chief secretary directed the departments concerned to facilitate foreign as well as local tourists coming to Chitral to participate in the Shandur festival. 

So far, no progress on part of the government to resolve the wheat issue. All eyes are at the Shandur festival where the prime minister is expected to be the chief guest on the concluding day. 

The DC has assured the protesters that the first point of the welcome address to the prime minister at the Shandur festival will be the wheat issue of Chitral.

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