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One man turns barren land into thick forest

CHITRAL: A man has turned a large swath of barren a mountainous land into a lush green forest in Ayun village of Lower Chitral.

Rehman retired from Pakistan Army and started working on his commitment succeeded to turn the desert into a green forest. 

He planted saplings in a distant mountain and worked day and night to water them from a spring channel located next to the area.

Haji Mehboob, a well-known personality of Ayun, also cooperated with him. Now there are about 700 pomegranates on this barren mountain with dozens of walnut, apricot, pistachio, grape and other fruit trees as well.

Similarly, many flower plants were also planted in this hill. There are colorful flowers that captivate the hearts of tourists.

Rehman said in bringing water and the large numbers of plants here, he was helped by Haji Mehboob. He said the area previously had a rough canal in which the water could not reach its destination.

It would take several hours and often this water would be absorbed by the plants along the way and it would have dried up before reaching the plants, but with the help of the Water Management Department a well was constructed here and now the water reaches the last corner in a few minutes.

It is said that this is the reason why the name of this place has been given as Ayun View Point.

The entire area can be seen from here and when local people or tourists once reach the place that gives a beautiful local and many of them, like the old, visitors are even surprised to see the forest.

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