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Protesters on way to Islamabad for sit-in outside SC

ISLAMABAD: While efforts made by the federal government failed to persuade Molana Fazlur Rehman, the PDM chief, to change the venue of the sit-in outside the Supreme Court of Pakistan, workers of JUI-F and other parties started moving from different cities to take part in the protest.

At the same time, the apex court is taking up a case related to holding of elections for the Punjab Assembly fir which the government failed to meet the deadline of May 14 to hold election in Punjab. The Rs21 Election Commission of Pakistan has filed a review appeal which has been taken up by a three-member bench of the court.

Hence there is the likelihood of the court issuing contempt notice to the coalition government of the PDM if which the JUI-F is a member. 

Reports showed that the JUI-F chief had refused to change the venue of the protest and is adamant at holding the sit-in at the Constitution Avenue outside the Supreme Court. 

A lawyer told media that the government wanted to put pressure in the judges hearing the election case by holding the protest but it would not work. He said the sitting government in Punjab was illegal as elections should have been held after 99 days of the desolation of the provincial assembly. He said both the federal and Punjab government could be convicted of contempt for not complying with the court order. 

According to media reports, workers of the JUI-F, including its over 10,000 Salars, and other parties such as the PPP and the PML-N were on way to Islamabad for the protest and will be arriving here in the afternoon.

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