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Ex-MPA denies road project shelving reports as govt keeps mum

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PESHAWAR: While civil society activists continued pillorying the federal government and the NHA for shelving the Chitral-Shandur road project with no clarification coming from the official circles, former MPA Molana Hidayatur Rehman on Tuesday claimed that the social media reports were baseless. 

Earlier, MNA Abdul Akbar Chitral had also rejected the reports and citing his contact with minister for communications Molana Asad Mehmood claimed that the project had not been abandoned and that more funds for it would be released soon.     
The reports started circulating on social media after Chitral’s prominent literary figure, writer and author Dr Inayatullah Faizi stated that work on the Shandur road project had been shelved and machinery called back from the site. 
He later repeated his claim and said the NHA office in Chitral had also been shut and there was no denial coming from any official quarter, including the NHA. Moreover, moving heavy machinery from Chitral would cost the contractor at least Rs1 million and without the government shelving the project such a decision would never have been made.    
Dr Faizi also said a denial or any clarification regarding shelving of the mega project should come from the NHA or the ministry of communications.  
However, while there is still no denial either from the NHA, the ministry of communications, or the minister himself, former MPA Hidayatur Rehman said the minister for communication Molana Asad Mehmood had rejected the social media reports and assured the people of Chitral of providing funds for the road projects. He asked how the federal government could shelve the project which was approved by the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC) last year.
The project was scheduled to be completed in 36 months while the revised project envisaged construction of 153-km-long two-lang single carriageway starting from Chitral city and passing through the towns of Booni and Mastuj and ending near Shandur.
Meanwhile, civil society and public representatives of Chitral deplored the suspension of the construction work on Chitral-Shandur road by the National Highway Authority (NHA). At a press conference in Chitral, they called upon the government to revise its decision and release funds for the project. They also warned of public protests in case work on the project was not resumed soon.  
Talking to Chitral Today, prominent social activist from Chitral Pir Mukhtar Nabi said that work on the roads was started a year ago but left uncompleted. If the NHA does not bring back the machinery and resume work on the Chitral-Shandur road people from both Lower and Upper Chitral will stage protests, he said.–Irshadullah Khan contributed to this story.
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