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Youth dies two weeks after suicide attempt

CHITRAL: A teenage boy from Ayun in Chitral, who was left seriously injured after he shot himself in a suicide attempt two weeks ago, succumbed to his injuries at a hospital in Peshawar.

Zubair Ahmad was a college student and the only son of his parents. Local residents said Zubair was least interested in studies and he spent most of his time with friends, a habbit about which his mother was very upset.

When she asked him to focus on his studies, he was so enraged that he attempted suicide. 

“He was rushed to Peshawar when doctors told the family that he was in critical condition. There he battled for life for almost two weeks before breathing his last,” they said.

“He was first admitted to District Headquarters Hospital Chitral and then shifted to Peshawar. He underwent several surgeries to remove the bullet from his body,” they added.

The father of the unfortunate boy works abroad and he was just 17 year old. It may be mentioned here that the suicide rate among the youth in Lower and Upper Chitral is unusually high.

No systematic study has ever been conducted to determine the real causes behind these deaths.

“This year is comparatively better as in 2021 at least four or five suicides were reported in Chitral each months and the number of unreported cases was even higher,” said a local resident, adding that the population growth in the past few decades, the unemployment had turned into a big social dilemma and there was also a big gap between children and parents. 



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