Brep devastated by floods

Climate change and our responsibility

Faizul Hussain

The average weather over many years is the climate of an area, the disparity and inconsistency of the average is called climate change. Climate change will affect our way of life, in terms of unavailability of water, when there is a shortage of water we can not grow anything, there will be shortage of food, there will be disasters that we cannot even imagine.

Since the existence of life depends on the availability of water, it means that the absence of water would wipe out every living thing from the planet. As it has been mentioned above what are the consequences of water shortage, now let’s see what are the causes of water shortage, the answer is very simple that the world is facing severe heat due to increase in global temperature. In a cold region like Chitral, the glaciers erupt due to extreme heat and gradually every year unpredictable floods put the inhabitants in danger.

When we do not take proper measures to protect the environment, all these glaciers will disappear which are the only source of water for us. Melting of glaciers will lead to water scarcity on the one hand and on the other hand the level of water in the sea will increase, causing urban areas to be engulfed by rising seas and displacement. Not only humans will be affected in this disaster, but other creatures living around the glacier will also have to migrate when the glacier ends and they will not be able to face the warmer environment, consequently the species of these wild animals will disappear from this planet.

The recent floods in Pakistan due to the effects of global warming washed away  people’s assets, houses and destroyed their crops, which plunged Pakistan, which was already suffering from financial problems, into an economic quagmire. Therefore, understanding the sensitivity of this climate challenge and taking it seriously should be our top priority. Otherwise it will be very difficult for people like us to bear the implications and survive as we belong to third world countries with already limited economic resources.

This is why climate change is a global challenge and is being recognized as the most serious threat to the entire world, it is like the epidemic we have faced in recent years, so it is everyone’s responsibility that everyone should play their role in protecting the environment. It is realistic that there is a close relationship between deforestation and climate change because more deforestation increases the chances of climate change so we should encourage more afforestation and deject deforestation.

Also, we should keep our environment clean, due to floods we are prone to soil erosion which is not encouraging as our forests are also affected due to this erosion. In this context, proper planning should be done to protect the land from erosion. For better understanding we need proper curriculum in educational institutions to educate our future generation about climate change and environment. Government bodies and other social organizations which are already working on this should educate the public by organizing programs like seminars etc.

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