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Rs8m public fund being spent on repair of MPA’s madressa

CHITRAL: MPA Molana Hidayatur Rehman of Chitral has got allocated Rs8 million from public funds for his religious seminary located in Kari village, sources told ChitralToday

They said after allocation of the funds, work order was recently issued by the Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA) to a contractor after inviting tenders to start renovation and repair work at the madressa.

Sources in Kari said local residents had approached the MPA with a request to arrange funds to resolve the longstanding issue of drinking water in the village.

However, the MPA preferred the repair of his own seminary and did not sanction any fund for the public issue. 

The sources said the MPA had also arranged Rs2 million for his other madressa located at Khairabad.

Public circles here have demanded that the government should hold an inquiry into the matter and ensure that funds allocated to the MPAs are spent on resolution of public issues rather than on personal projects.

When contacted, MPA Hidayatur Rehman told ChitralToday that the allegation was not true. He said: “I have distributed all the funds allotted to me on my new account on equal basis.”

He added: “Apart from that, one coror rupees were lying in another account out of which they kept 80 lac for my madressa and 20 lac for other work. That was not from my fund rather given by some other MPA for that work and you can check it.

“New funds given to me were about five to six coror rupees and I have distributed it on equal basis.”

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  1. Mohammad Ilyas Ahmed says

    مہ خیالی ھیہ داشٗمان اسپہ ملکوتین ھیش کیاغ کوریکو نو بیتائ۔تان دی سوری پوری ژیبیکو نو بیتائ مگم ھورو قالب ترقی اریر ۔

  2. Sher Wali Khan Aseer says

    اسپہ ملکہ شام بتی شیر۔ شامو ڑو مولوی و بچے ہلال

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