River erosion in Reshun, residents evacuated

Residents evacuate as river starts eroding land in Reshun

RESHUN: The river Yarkhun has again started eroding houses and private land in Shader locality of Reshun due to the callous attitude of the government towards the destruction of the village by the flooding river.

Local people told ChitralToday that so far seven houses have been affected and their inhabitants managed to evacuate to safer places with the help of volunteers.

Those whose land and houses have been hit by the river erosion included Shah Nadir, Suhbat Ali Shah, Qurban Wazir Shah, Abdullah Shah, Fahadullah, Akbar Khan, Rashidur Rehman, Waliur Rehman of Shader and Merajuddin, Muhammad Ishaq, Rahmat Nabi Lal and Mufti Farooq of Begandeh.

The volume of water in the river is increasing mainly due to fast melting of glaciers upstream. Many areas in Upper Chitral have been hit by glacial lake outburst floods (GLOFs) due the rising temperatures for the last over a week or so. 

The river has been eroding land and houses in Reshun for years but despite knowing the danger the government did nothing.

The main road was also washed away at Shader by the flooding river last year after which private land was used to restore traffic and the owners have not yet been paid compensation.

The local people on Friday said that as the river erosion continued, the affected families needed urgent help but except volunteers of the village there was no help coming from any government departments.

It may be noted that in April 2021, the district administration of Upper Chitral on the direction of the provincial government launched work to divert the direction of the Yarkhun river in front of Reshun.

However, due to poor planning, the river further damaged the Shader area and swept away the embankment.–Sher Afgan Raza


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