Overflowing Chitral river damages crops, land in Ayun

Overflowing river damages crops & land in Lower Chitral

AYUN: As glaciers continued melting fast in Upper Chitral, the volume of water in the river Chitral has increased and is overflowing in many areas in Lower Chitral. 

Damages from the river flooding have already been reported from Upper Chitral, especially from Reshun, where the river started eroding land and houses, promoting the residents to flee to safer places on Friday. 

local people told ChitralToday that the river had changed course at Muldeh locality of Ayun, inundating standing crops and posing threat to nearby houses.

The residents said the contractor of the under-construction Kalash valleys road dumped waste along the riverside at Chiter, narrowing the path of the river and forcing it to move towards Muldeh.

In Darkhanan Deh of Ayun, houses and crops of many people have been damaged. The affected people included Asmatullah, Qadir Ahmed, Yar Muhammad, Sardar Ahmed, Haji Wajibuddin and Ghulam Ibrar.   

Moreover, houses have submerged in many areas due to the overflowing river and the residents have said their crops and fruit trees were washed away by the flooded river.–Muhkam Uddin Ayuni   

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