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ETEA form should have option of desired test centre

Ijaz Ahmad (Upper Chitral)

Recently, many social workers and politicians did their level best to get shifted the test Educational Testing and Evaluation Agency (ETEA) from Malakand University in Chikdara to Chitral Lower in connection with the school leader test. 

Their efforts to facilitate the candidates hailing from Chitral is highly appreciated. No doubt, this step made it accessible for many candidates living in Chitral to appear in the upcoming test but it kept deprived those Chitrali community who live in Peshawer or Islamabad as they cannot travel to Chitral to appear in the test.

This idea never crossed their mind that a large number of Chitralis are living Islamabad, Peshawar or other part of the country. Many of them will choose not to undertake long distance travel to Chitral to appear in the test.  

Chitrali female candidates living out of Chitral could be the main sufferers. 

My suggestion to all the elected representatives from Chitral is to take up the matter with authorities concerned at ETEA head office Peshawar. ETEA is a KP-based government sponsored test conducting agency but its inefficiency of not adding a single column in the application form about the desired test centre to facilitate the candidates at their desired test centre is beyond comprehension. 

ETEA collects a huge amount of money as application form fee but at the same time badly fails to facilitate the candidates at their desired nearest test centres. 

The issue of Chitral may not be taken up unilaterally in term of Test Centres.Rather we have to keep in mind that large number of candidates hailing from Chitral are also living in Peshawar, Islamabad or other part of the country. 

Due to shifting the test centre to Chitral,many candidates particularly females living out of Chitral will remain deprived of appearing in the test. 

The real solution of the issue is to make it binding on ETEA to facilitate the candidates at their desired notified test centres,rather then asking them to move back to Chitral wherever they are. It is a very unjust act and to be re-consider immediately.

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  1. Mahboob Illahi says

    Sir, I do agree with your opinions.

  2. Sirat says

    It would be a good chance visiting their home towns in summer season. The chitralies appearing in Chitral centre are 3848 , and those coming from either Peshawar and Islamabad may not be greater than 5 percent. It is not possible to facilitate candidates individually.

    1. Iijaz Ahmad says

      ETEA do have many more centres across the province..those who are with out jobs can not afford to travel as there is huge increase in fare due to hike in petroleum products.

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