Heavy summer snowfall hits many areas across Chitral


Nisar Ahmad Shah

CHITRAL: In an unprecedented weather pattern, heavy rainfall has been reported from different parts of Chitral and adjacent areas on June 21 and 22, 2022.

Most surprisingly, some of the villages in lower and upper Chitral besides the areas high in the mountains, have also observed unexpected snowfall and extreme cold weather in the month of June.

Abid Ali Shah called and shared with this correspondent some pictures from Justist and Ustuniz areas (grazing pastures and settlements of Sanik village) located towards Begusht valley in the route of Garam Chashma-Bashgal (Nuristan) border area. 

He said about 30-50 cattle, more than 25 sheep and lambs, two goats, a few baby goats and two calves died due to the snowfall and extreme cold weather. 

Residents of the areas that have seen quite heavy snowfall in remote areas of Upper Chitral reported damages to their fruit trees and standing crops. Many of them said that due to the cold weather, glaciers were not melting causing shortage of water in streams.

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