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Sale of pocket guides banned

CHITRAL: In order to check unfair means in school and college exams, the district administration of Lower Chitral has banned the sale of pocket guides of any subjects by bookshops.

In this regard, Section 144 has been imposed in the district and in order to ensure its implementation, Additional Assistant Commissioner Shehroz Mufti visited different bookshops and seized all pocket guides. 

The seized pocket guides of all subjects, except Islamyat, were burnt while the Islamyat guides were disposed of into the river, said a statement issued by the deputy commissioner office through the social media.

The guides provide short answers to questions on which students bank without preparing for the exams and in many cases get them into the halls for cheating.

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  1. Imtiaz Booni says

    The administration seems to be living in the 20th century when these guides were used for cheating in exam. Now everything has become so sophisticated that many students don’t even buy them as for them smart devices are available to use unfair means in exam. The administration’s this action is a futile exercise.

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