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Governor, CM express sympathy with Shia community

Muhammad Irshadullah

PESHAWAR: Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Shah Farman, Chief Minister Mahmood Khan and Corps Commander Peshawar Lieutenant General Faiz Hameed visited Imambargah Hussainabad at Kohati Gate and expressed condolences and sympathy with the Shia community over on the tragedy of Kocha Risaldar.

They condemned the incident and expressed his determination to fight together to eradicate terrorism in the country.
The incident is extremely tragic and an attempt to undermine national unity, said Governor Farman. The enemy’s motives behind such incidents must be understood. We have to show unity to thwart the nefarious intentions of the enemy, he added.
“The purpose of our coming here today is to offer Fateha for the martyrs,” said the chief minister, adding the damage done in this tragedy cannot be repaired. But the perpetrators of this incident will be brought to justice in any case, he said. 
“We will learn from the mistakes that have been made and plan ahead. Steps are being taken to make the security of places of worship foolproof. This is a difficult battle but if we fight together we will win, he said.  
Security forces, government and people are committed to eradicating this scourge of terrorism, added Gen Faiz Hameed.
To this end, coordination among all institutions is being further improved. He said all resources will be utilized to ensure law and order in the country and thwart the nefarious intentions of the enemy.
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