Chitrali family injured in gas leak explosion

Chitrali family injured in gas leak explosion

Picture: Oxhor Times

ISLAMABAD: Five members of a family belonging to Karimabad valley of Lower Chitral were burnt/injured after a gas-leak explosion in their rented house in the rural area of the federal capital on Jan 26.

The injured – Aslam Khan, his wife Adina Begum, son Tahir Ahmed, 16, daughter Saliha Bibi, 14, and son Farhan Ahmed, 8, – have been admitted to the burns unit of Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS).

Aslam Khan, a resident of Parsan Lasht, along with his wife and three children was expected to return to their native village when the incident struck them.

According to doctors at PIMS, the condition of Mr Aslam and his two children was out of danger but his wife and the elder son were in critical condition.     

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