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Violation of upper age relaxation rule for Chitral

I would like to highlight an important issue faced by the unemployed youth hailing from backward areas, including Chitral.

As per the existing rule, there is a  general relaxation of three years in upper age limit for the backward areas of KP, including Chitral.
But, unfortunately, most of the ability tests conducting agencies and in some cases in the departmental tests for government jobs both under the provincial and federal governments, the due right of three year relaxation in upper age limit is ignored and never mentioned in the advertisements for jobs.

As a result, the candidates seeking  jobs face unnecessary inconvenience and in most of the occasions their job applications are unlawfully rejected violating the rule of three years of relaxation in upper age limit specified for backward areas.

All the jobs seeking youth from Chitral request Senator Falak Naz Chitrali, MNA Maulana Abdul Akbar Chitrali, Special Assistant to CM Wazirzada and MPA Maulana Hidayatur Rehman to jointly make efforts to take up the matter with authorities concerned both at provincial and federal levels.

All the ability test conducting agencies like NTS, ETEA, PTS, ATS etc may be directed to mention the three years relaxation in upper age limit for backward areas, including Chitral, in the advertisements for various jobs.

It may be noted that the same age relaxation is already admissible in job advertisements under Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Public Service Commission.


Ijaz Ahmad Chitral


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  1. Hafeez Ullah says

    You have highlighted the most important problem here. It is requested to the present government to pay attention towards this problem.

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