PTDC damaging fabric of national unity

PTDC damaging fabric of national unity

Sarwar Kamal (Jughour, Chitral)

Imran Khan as a the prime minister is perhaps the most ambitious and desperate leader of our history to boost and developed our tourism as an industry. Turkey alone in our region is earning 40 billion dollars from this industry annually. We can also alleviate the menace of poverty by developing this industry. To our pleasant surprise for the first time we were hearing  a PM educating his people about ecotourism, botanical tourism and religious tourism etc.

It means he is very committed and serious about this industry. Last year, Pakistan was the No 1 tourist destination worldwide. For a country where cricket teams were hesitant and reluctant to come due to security reasons this achievement was commendable and full credit goes to PM Imran Khan for making it possible due to his visionary policies.

PTDC (Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation) is a government organization. Its primary and main task is to boost and promote tourism for both local and foreign tourists. Yesterday, on the official Facebook page of the PTDC I saw an annoying, damaging, irritating, disturbing and provoking content.
According to  PTDC, the land and territory of Shandur belongs to Ghizer and Gilgit-Baltistan. I was surprised how a govt organization can be a party??? And so irresponsible???. In my humble opinion, it was an attempt to create a panic situation and provoke the peace loving and peaceful people of Chitral. They are trying to ignite a volcano. I request that both our security agencies and FIA cybercrime wing should look into this matter and investigate this nonsense.
According to the national action plan, you can’t upload controversial, hateful, provocative and bizarre content on the internet.
Our enemy India invested billions of dollars in Afghanistan and started a proxy war against us using the Afghan soil. The killing of the Chinese engineers was the lastest episode of these barbaric terrorist activities. Now they are using these puppets to sabotage and destabilize the flagship project of CPEC.
Unfortunately, the role of  PTI government in KP has been very disappointing in this regard. Why they are silent and apologetic??? I am a big critic of ANP (Awami National Party) and have many differences with them as far as their politics is concerned but at the same time I salute them and pay rich tributes to their efforts and position as far the right of ownership of Shandur is concerned. Their top leadership said that they will defend and protect every and every inch of there province.
I am asking how it feels if the ownership of Gwadar will be taken from the  people of Baluchistan??? And similarly if the ownership of Mughal historical architect will be taken over from the people of Punjab???
Shandur is not just a piece of land for  Chitralis. We take huge pride as far as the territory of Shandur is concerned. It is part of our beautiful and unforgettable legacy, rich culture, heritage and history. Now the ball is in the court of the government to teach these anti-state elements an exemplary lessons.
I hope common sense would prevail in the best interest of Pakistan Insh Allah. 

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  1. Alhamdulilah now PTDC has deleted that controversial content from there official page on FB.I really appreciate the role of Chitraltoday for giving us a forum to present our case.Chitraltoday is really the voice of the voiceless people.I shared this article with concerned fed minister Dr Fahmida Mirza,Senator Falak sahiba,Kp minister Atif Khan,Kp tourism department and with ISPR.
    It seems some one has took notice of this thing at the highest level.There should a complete investigation about this.
    Meanwhile I have the screenshot of that content. We will only resolve our issues if we will raise our voice in unison.

  2. Yes sir I totally agree with you but why our KP govt and our local political figures are not raising this issue.This chapter of so called ownership of Shandoor for once and all should be closed.On the contrary some people are floating this baseless idea of ownership on a constant base which is irritating. These people should be given a shut up call.The KP ministry of tourism should clarify there position. They should protect our interests. The annoying and ridiculous part is that a govt organization is creating this mess.

  3. This could be lack of information bcoz Shandur belongs to Chitral and has been in possession of the people of Laspur. All other coming to Shandur and utilizing it for whatever purpose are outsiders and have no right on it.

    Secondly, people of Ghizer also have some rights on Shandur even though the polo ground does not belong to them. Other than the people of Laspur and Ghizer you don’t have any right on Shandur and should not be worried about it as we people of Laspur have nothing with places like Kagh Lasht etc.

    People of Laspur and Ghizer are closely connected and related and have lived for centuries in peace and you do not need to try to create any division or misunderstanding with them.

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