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Award demanded for Shaheed Jamshed Iqbal

Recently, PM Imran khan shared a brief video of young police official’s commitment to public service. In this video, one can see a man falling off a moving train and near  being crushed to death by it.
Due to the alertness and bravery of the young policeman, the man was saved. The policeman was able to pull the passenger away from the rolling train and onto the platform saving his life. The PM took notice of this incident and tweeted: “This is where duty become sacred. Admiration for the commitment of the Young Policeman to serve people.”

According to reliable sources and media reports, the govt has decided to award this young policeman next year on the 23rd of March. We really appreciate such positive gesture honoring and recognizing our real heroes. This will set a precedent as a source of light and inspiration for others to follow in line of there duties.

In another tragic and unfortunate incident in Chitral, a young forest dept official lost his precious life in line of his duty.
Shaheed Jamshed Iqbal during duty fell from a mountain and landed in a stream. He was rescued by Rescue 11 and hospitalized but due to severe head injuries he passed away after a few hours in the hospital. Shaheed Jamshed Iqbal had gone to the nearby forest after receiving a report about a forest. He saved the forest at the cost of his precious life.
No one better knows about the importance of forests apart from PM Imran Khan. His services for the environment at the world stage is fully recognized and admired.
Pakistan is supposed to be the most affected country due to climate change. We the people of Chitral are demanding that Shaheed Jamshed Iqbal for his valuable services at the cost of his life should also be admired, honoured and appreciated at the highest level. He should also be awarded next year on the 23rd of March for his sacrifice in line of his duty. He was such an honest, dedicated, committed and passionate official of the forest dept Chitral.
It is my humble request our representatives, especially Senator Falak Naz and minister for minorities Mr Wazirzada should play there positive role in this regard and bring this thing into limelight.
May Allah grant our Shaheed the highest place in JANNAH ameen summa ameen.
Sarwar Kamal
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