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He has finished the race with a smile

Ghulam Murtaza

It is difficult to put into words attributes of someone when they are exceptional to describe. I would like to pay a tribute to an unsung hero who fought and lived for a disadvantaged area and its people. He was a great teacher, principal, mentor and educationist who served for more than 25 years to educate a generation where educational crisis always lingers.

Zafar Ahmad hailed from the extreme of Upper Chitral (Nogram) and dreamed to educate his people and finished the race with a smile of all satisfaction. A man with no formal higher education, he made on impact on the lives of thousands disadvantaged students and households. The strongest person we have ever witnessed, a brilliant educational administrator, in whatever role we knew him; he stood as someone special and to be remembered for ever.

We witnessed him always passionate about enabling his school to become a better place to learn and teacher to support. He had a gift of all powers, innovative thinking and visionary spirit; to lead meaningful educational system and reforms and remained successful throughout his career. Like many, it has been a privilege to have been part of Zafar’s life.

In brief, his was a life well lived for the purpose to serve humanity, for the community and for the brighter future of Pakistan. As today, hundreds of his students are serving the land and the nation. 

Zafar sir served the region for more than 25 years as an educationist. He did walk to a long distance to produce more, stretched the hours to serve, yet had to quit the journey due to serious health issue. Again, surely, we belong to Allah and to Him we return to. Indeed, hearing the death of our great teacher is very painful for us. May Allah bless his respected soul in eternal peace.

We sing for many but very few who lived for masses. I request all the local representatives, including the DC Lower and Upper Chitral, to nominate him for an award for his services to Chitral, especially in the field of education.

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