Chitral hotel owners oppose cancellation of Shandur festival

Hotel owners oppose cancellation of Shandur festival

CHITRAL: If the annual Shandur festival is not held this year too, the hotel industry of Chitral will face further blow.

In a statement, Chitral Hotel and Restaurant Association general secretary Mir Jamsheduddin expressed resentment over the decision of the government not to hold the annual festival 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

He said due to the impact of the pandemic, the hotel industry faced irreparable loss since early 2020. The annual festival held each year in July attracted thousands of tourists from all over the country as well as abroad.

Mr Jamshed said that last year the government used hotels in Chitral as quarantine centres for those returning to the district from different parts of the country but the rents are yet to be cleared.

This year, tourists were barred form entering Chitral on the eve of Eidul Fitr and the Kalash festival of Chilimjusht while hotels remained almost closed in the winter each year, he added.

On behalf of the association, he called upon the government to revisit its decision and hold the Shandur festival to help the hotels recover from the losses.      

2 Replies to “Hotel owners oppose cancellation of Shandur festival”

  1. Government has taken sane decision to limit the spread of COVID19 cases, and hotels become major spreaders of it where people are kept in closed spaces in large number.

  2. The govt is promoting Tourism in an aggressive manner in Gilgit Baltistan, where COVID situation is same as Chitral. As for Chitral it is discouraging tourism by first reducing PIA flights to once a week and now cancelling Shandur festival. What is all this going on.

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