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Work on alternative road to Upper Chitral begins

RESHUN: After failing to take timely steps to save the Chitral-Mastuj road and private properties from river erosion, the local administration and NHA officials along with the MPA on Monday gathered at the village to oversee work on an alternative road to Upper Chitral.

A statement on the social media by the DC Upper Chitral office showed everything honky-dory and appreciated all government departments for providing assistance to the displaced families and starting work on the alternative road. 

It said the officials held successful negotiations with landowners, provided drinking water to the displaced people and carried out a survey for construction of the new road to ensure connection with Upper Chitral. 

It may be noted that the MPA and the government officials visited the area two days after the road and about a dozen of houses in Shader in south of Reshun were washed away by the river.

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