PC-1 of Dewangol bridge finalized

PC-1 of Dewangol bridge finalized

MASTUJ: The project concept-1 (PC-1) of Dewangol bridge has been finalized by the tehsil council of Mastuj.

The bridge will connect the three isolated villages of Dewangol, Khuz lower and Khuz upper located on the right bank of River Yarkhun with other parts of Upper Chitral district.

Muhammad Saeed Khan Lal of Dewangol told ChitralToday that he along with retired senior teacher Asghar Ali from Khuz handed over the PC-1 to the chief minister’s special assistant Wazirzada in Chitral.

He expressed the hope that work on the project would start soon.

He said after construction of the bridge the Khuz and Dewangol side road could also be used as an alternative to the Kargin-Brep portion of Mastuj-Yarkhun road that often blocks due to floods, avalanches and rockfalls.

He said the PC-1 estimated the cost of the project at 20.27 million rupees. After start of the work, the project will complete in two years.

People of Dewangol and Khuz have for long been demanding construction of a road to their area.

A few months ago, they held a protest gathering in Niweshiru Saruz and demanded the government fulfil its promise of constructing the road and the bridge.

They said a bridge over the river in front of Chapali had already been constructed and the whole area could be linked with Brep side by building another bridge in front of Dewangol.

Saaed Khan Lal said people of the area have welcomed the government approval of the bridge construction and credited Wazirzada for the progress on the project.

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  1. Oh come on man…who cares about a PC-1 prepared by you. The duo from Khuz and Diwangol are simply wasting their time. I would rather suggest them to make some efforts for the repair of the suspension bridges at Mukur, Khuz Bala and Diwangol because making PC-1 or II is nothing but wastage of time.

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