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New hotel to promote tourism in Garam Chashma

GARAM CHASHMA: A new resort, Garam Chashma River Inn, was inaugurated by Shahzada Amanur Rehman, a local leader of Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf (PTI) here.

Speaking at the inaugural function, he said the opening of the guest house was a very positive step towards the development of the area, said a press release.

He said it is the unity of the people of this area which would help promote the development of Lotkoh. 

He said development could be achieved through mutual cooperation and respect. He said this facility would help significantly to reduce the burden on one hotel. He urged the locals to promote more and more facilities for tourists so that people could get the trickle down effects from tourism.

Earlier, the owner of the Garam Chashman River Inn, Mohammad Karam, said the area has great potential for tourism which needs to be promoted.

Mr Karam said the big obstruction in the way of development particularly in tourism is the dilapidated Garam Chashma road. He thanked the chief guest and all other notables for their participation in the opening ceremony.

The notables of the area appreciated the effort of the owner to add one more facility in the sector of tourism, which may help reduce the complaints of tourists for not having an appropriate service in Garam Chashma.

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