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Sher Jahan’s name being removed from terror watch list, court told

MINGORA (SWAT): The counter-terrorism department on Wednesday informed Peshawar High Court Mingora bench (Darul Qaza) that the name of social activist Sher Jahan Sahil from Chitral has been forwarded to the home department from removal from the Schedule IV of the Anti-Terrorism Act (ATA).

The reply was filed by the CTD in reply to an earlier direction by the court, according Rahimullah Chitrali Advocate, the counsel for Mr Sahil. 

The social activist from Garam Chashma was placed under the watch list over a year ago. He filed a petition in the PHC through his lawyer later last year, according to court records available with ChitralToday.

On March 17 this year, the court had ordered the government departments concerned to submit the relevant record, if any, in a sealed envelop on the basis of which the petitioner had been put under the terror watch list.

When the court took up the petition again on Wednesday, no record was submitted, and the court was informed that the name of the petitioner had been forwarded to the home department for removal from  Schedule IV.

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  1. Salman Ali says

    In fact, his name was placed on schedule IV by a former district police wala who was later unceremoniously posted out for his poor performance. The police wala should be taken to task immediately for placing the name of an innocent man on schedule IV.
    Besides, some political novice had also served in the provincial cabinet of the then chief Amir Haider Khan Hoti during PPP regime, was also believed to be behind it. he should also be questioned. If I were Sahil, I would have filed a petition against both the politician and the police wala.

  2. Mohammed Ilyas Ahmad says

    Very much annoying. We even didn’t know whatever he was charged for? Might be there some more secret or sensitive reasons not even shared on media otherwise criticizing political or administrative sectors is a routine affair for writers.

    1. Gul jee says

      Indeed it’s a good news for Sher jahan ,but I myself as a regular reader of online newspapers and social media, witnessed many controversias( based on zero facts ) articles of Mr SJ Sahil targeting different NGOs and promoting sectarian issues in a peaceful area like Chitral. We pretty sure something was cooking with Mr Jahan from many years otherwise there are many critical social activists in the country specially in Chitral who is gonna put everyone’s name in that list.we must appreciate this verdict of honorable court but we also humble request Mr Jahan should review his nagative Propaganda against any individual or Institutions.

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