Vaccination centre unable to cope with rush

New vaccination centre unable to cope with rush

BREP (UPPER CHITRAL): The Covid-19 adult vaccination centre set up in Brep three days ago is unable to cope with the rush of people reaching here from different villages to get the jabs. 

The centre has been opened at the Basic Health Unit (BHU) where two health workers are administering the vaccine. 

Earlier, the vaccination centre in Mastuj catered to the people of Brep and other areas up to Yarkhun.

The new Covid-19 vaccination started in Brep on May 10. On the third day on Wednesday, a correspondent of ChitralToday saw crowds of people, including women, arriving at the centre from Brep, Khuz, Dizg, Istach, Khruzg, Bang and other villages.

Despite having limited staff and vaccines, the staff at the centre did not make any announcement to vaccinate the residents village-wise. As a result, after knowing that a vaccination centre had been opened in Brep the people started arriving at the centre.

Most of the people from different villages were seen arguing with each other as well as with the staff.  An elderly person outside the BHU claimed that he had been called to come for vaccination but when he arrived from Bang village in Yarkhun he was even not allowed to enter the BHU.

When approached, a staff member inside the BHU said they had never called anyone for vaccination.

He said the health department had provided the BHU 300 doses of vaccine and within the last three days 186 of them were administered.

He said the BHU has been directed by the health department to administer maximum 50 doses a day. Volunteers from the Aga Khan Local Council issue tokens to 50 people early in the morning who are vaccinated by the staff at the BHU, he added.

He added that the residents were too eager and seemed in a hurry to get vaccinated but due to resource and other constraints it was not possible to vaccinate all those who arrive at the centre.


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