More vaccination centres needed across Chitral

More vaccination centres needed across Chitral

MASTUJ (UPPER CHITRAL): People coming from far-off villages for Covid vaccination here demanded that centres should be opened in their areas to facilitate elderly people, especially women.

Ghulam Nadir, Ali Rehmat, Salamat Khan, Mirza Panah and Shahid Baig from Yarkhun were among hundreds of people who visited the Rural Health Centre (RHC) Mastuj for the Covid vaccination.

Talking to ChitralToday, they said they travelled to Mastuj along with their women family members and faced transport issue.

After reaching the centre, they were told to wait in queues. About two hours later, the staff at the centre announced that they had run out of vaccines. The elderly people then waited for two more hours to get vaccinated after the vaccine arrived.

They said keeping the geographical characteristics of Chitral in mind, the government should set up vaccination centres in Brep, Bang and other villages of their area.

Similar complaints have been received from other areas of Upper as well Lower Chitral. According to a document available with ChitralToday, the government has established 10 vaccination centres across Chitral – six in Lower and four in Upper Chitral districts.

The centres are: RHC Arandu, RHC Ayun, THQ hospital Drosh, DHQ hospital Chitral town, THQ hospital Garam Chashma and Basic Health Centre (BHC) Mroi in Lower Chitral, and THQ hospital Booni, RHC Mastuj, RHC Shagram and RHC Drasun.

At most of these centres, only two counters have been established,one for males and one for females. The locals also demanded that more counters along with sufficient quantity of vaccines should be arranged at these centres.