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Chitrali girl issued CNIC on day of her marriage with JUI-F MNA: police

PESHAWAR: In a strange twist to a Chitrali underage girl’s marriage with JUI-F lawmaker from Balochistan, the Chitral police have said the girl was 18 years old and had married the over 60-year-old man on her free will.

The police submitted a report (available with ChitralToday) to the Commission on the Status of Women, KP, and said after an investigation was launched the father of the girl joined the inquiry.

The father submitted documents to the police that showed that the Nikah of the girl had been solemnized in Peshawar on Feb 15, 2021, and the girl had been issued a computerized national identity card (CNIC) showing her date of birth as Feb 2, 2003. Surprisingly, the CNIC of the girl had also been issued by NADRA the same day, Feb 15, 2021.

According to the documents, the girl is not underage and had married the man from Balochistn on her own free will and after liking him.

The father also produced the Nikahnama which sowed that her daughter Safia Naz had married Salahuddin Ayubi, son of Haji Abdus Salam, resident of Chaman, Balochidtan, at Peshawar Cantt on Feb 15, 2021. 

The police in Lower Chitral had launched an investigation after receiving a complaint from a civil society organization. The girl’s date of birth according to her school record showed she was 14 years old.  


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