Health and fitness

Health and fitness

Syeda Javeria Khurram

(Student of sociology, University of Karachi)

Who doesn’t like to be fit? But in this rush of life, people seem to forget to take care of their fitness. The biggest problem of today is the growing human weight. Most people aren’t aware that gaining weight can make life difficult for them. Some people don’t think it’s bad, but if someone mist calls them fat, they think it’s bad, as if they’ve been insulted.

Obesity is disease that, if not stopped at the right time, can lead to many problems. I believe exercise is the best solution to keep fit. I’m also a fitness conscious person. Because I think a person is used to taking care of his fitness he is neither sick nor suffering from any disease. Being overweight often makes people lazy and weak while the person who is exercising is the most active. Everyone should do exercise daily to keep himself fit.

The best exercise is in the early morning because when a person wakes up with a good night’s sleep, he is refreshed, which gives him more power to exercise. The best exercise to keep fit is walking, running, jogging, squats, pushups, yoga, swimming, cycling these exercise helps you to maintain your immune system well. On the other hand doing exercise increases energy level, improves muscles strength, helps you to maintain a healthy weight, and improves brain function.

Speaking of today’s generation is the weakest the biggest reason is their laziness because they spend most of their time on mobile phones, internet and so on. Games like cricket and football that are supposed to be played outside which keep their immune system good but instead of playing these games physically, they’d play these games on the cell phones, which puts their health at risk. If they’re told to take some accessories from outside, instead of walking, they prefer to cars and bike. As well as taking care of good fitness also take care of good food.

A good diet also plays an important role in human fitness. Some people join the gym to keep fit but don’t stop eating and drinking. The young generation values eating out rather than eating at home. Instead of eating a healthy food like fruits, vegetables, meats, they valued pizza burger etc and that’s a reason they can’t keep fit. To keep oneself fit, one must first stop eating and drinking which is the most difficult task. Lots of people know they want to get fit and healthy, but don’t know what to do first.

Here I give you some tips that how we can take care of our health so that we stay fit. First of all we should get up early in the morning and then a drink a warm water after few min do walk then do some exercises you like then eat some healthy diet to maintain your body system well. These are some tips which help you to stop gaining your weight.

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