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Commuters suffer due to frequent road closures

CHITRAL: Frequent road closures have become a routine across Chitral.

Hundreds of people travelling on Chitral-Peshawar road remained stranded after a landslide blocked the road at Broz Shali for over 10 hours.

Keeping in view the topographical features, there should be a system in place under which boulders and debris could be removed on a priority basis.

But government departments concerned, including NHA, have failed to discharge their functions. 

Whenever, a road gets blocked due to landslides or floods etc., commuters remain stranded for hours with no one coming to clear the road.

Commuters have demanded that the NHA, which has taken over all major roads of Chitral, should arrange machinery and staff and keep them on a standby to meet any road closure.  

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  1. Ahsanuddin says

    The worst road closure is at Lowari tunnel where vehicles are held up for no reason. This happens daily. The road closure due to land slide happens rarely and is cleared in no time, but the tunnel closure by NHA has no solution. No body can clear that closure.

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