Five arrested in Kesu murder case

Seven arrested for diverting electricity

BOONI: Seven people from Awi Lasht were arrested on Saturday after they diverted electricity from Dumadoomi powerhouse through the transmission line of PEDO to their village.

Sources told ChitralToday that Bashir, Altaf Rahmat, Karim, Nazir Khan, Rehman Shah and others were put in the lock-ups of Booni police station after registration of an FIR against them.

The residents of Awi Lashit held a protest in their village demanding electricity from the Dumadoomi powerhouse built by SRSP, claiming they had the right to get connected to the powerhouse.

Though the 500 kv powerhouse is not fully functional, it caters to parts of Booni. The residents of Awi Lasht claimed that a power committee had allowed them to use the electricity from the Dumadoomi powerhouse.

During a meeting with stakeholders in the presence of the district administration officers, the residents of Dumadoomi were requested to delink their area as but they refused.

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