Punjab may keep schools closed: minister

Schools in Punjab may remain closed: minister

LAHORE: Schools across Punjab may remain closed for further period of time as coronavirus continued rising, Punjab Education Minister Murad Raas has said.

The minister was speaking at the opening ceremony of the retirement system for teachers of the province where he touched upon the issue of schools being closed throughout the province.

“I want to open schools,” he said. “However, we may have to go with the option of extending the closure of schools, given the current circumstances,” added the minister.

Raas said that personally he was not in favour of closing schools, adding the pandemic had wreaked havoc on children’s education.

“A joint meeting of all education ministers will take place on January 4 where the decision to extend schools closure or not will be taken,” he added.

The minister said the provincial government suspended examinations for grade V according to the assessment policy.

“When it came to the exams of fifth graders, teachers were helping students cheat,” he said, explaining the Punjab government’s decision.

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