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Participants of protest sit-in hold rally in Shagram

BOONI: The participants of the protest sit-in underway in Shagram village against non-construction of the Istaru bridge on Wednesday held a rally up to the local police station.

The sit-in has been staged in Shagram after a protest demonstration by people of Torkhow and Terich valleys on Dec 5. The whole area has been virtually cut off for over nine months after the collapse of the bridge over a stream in Istaru.  

The commuters to from these areas have been using an old track as an alternative but this track will be closed if there is a snowfall, completely cutting them off from the rest of the world.

Two days ago, chief minister’s special assistant Wazirzada visited the protest camp and promised a breakthrough in the construction of the bridge within two days. The two days will be completed on Wednesday night.

The participants of the sit-in told ChitralToday that if no progress was made regarding any arrangement to install a steel bridge over the stream they would announce their future line of action, including holding along march to Booni.  

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