Floods block road to Yarkhun, crops damaged

DIZG: Flash floods in Dizg Gol and other areas have blocked the road cutting off link to the entire Yarkhun valley besides damaging crops and public and private properties.

The road is also blocked at Mahting and Patrangaz, local people told ChitralToday.

The flash floods started at about 2am after torrential rain. People here escaped to safety but the floods did not make any damages in the village.

However, irrigation channels were washed away along with power pylons.

As a result, the village is without electricity and drinking water.

Power supply from Grovur is also suspended.

The portion of the road between Dizg and Khruzg villages is buried under huge boulders and mud.

People going to upper parts of Yarkhun and going to down areas are stranded in Dizg and Khruzg.

However, traffic towards Mastuj and other down areas is not affected.

Meanwhile, generators of a Telenor tower in Khotan Lasht near Dizg were buried under debris after floods in Khotan Gol.

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