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Displaced families seek help against floods

BREP: About 28 families living in Khotan Lasht have appealed to the authorities concerned to help them protect their houses against floods.

A view of Khotan Gol flood on Aug 9, 2020.

These families were rendered homeless in glacial lake outburst floods (GLOF) in Brep in 2007 and later years. Since then, they have lived in small houses they constructed in the desert of Khotan Lasht.

But now these displaced people again feel insecure, saying floods in Khotan Gol near Dizg village could hit them here too as the course of the stream was changing.

The stream flooded on Sunday and buried generators of a tower owned by Telenor mobile phone service providing company.

Representatives of the families told ChitralToday that the district administration as well as other departments should construct a protection wall to secure their homes.

They said after over a decade they have fully settled in the desert and could not afford aftermaths of yet another natural calamity.

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