Arandu man arrested for stealing 54 goats from Bumburate

CHITRAL: A man from Arandu has been arrested for stealing 54 goats from Bumburate village of Kalash valley.

On July 27, a case was registered after over dozens of goats were found missing from a summer pasture near Bumburate.

It was feared that some intruders from Afghanistan might have taken away the goats along with a shepherd.

But Chitral police on Wednesday said it arrested Karim Hussain, a resident of Arandu, and recovered 28 goats from his possession at the cattle market of Drosh.

The police arrested Karim when he was about to sell the goats before Eidul Azha.

Except two, all the other goats had already been sold off by two accomplices of the accused identified as Sahib Nadir of Jinjiret and Ismail of Ayun.

An amount of 295,000 rupees was recovered from the two accomplices which they had collected by selling the goats.

Two goats were also recovered from possession of the two accomplices.

In the past, Afghan intruders have frequently been involved in stealing and taking away animals from the pastures of the Bumburate area.




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