Chitral police want seven ‘drug peddlers’ to rot in DI Khan jail

CHITRAL: Chitral police have decided to send seven habitual drug peddlers to the Dera Ismail (DI) Khan jail for three months.

In this regard, the police have written a letter to the deputy commissioner Lower Chitral.

The police requested the DC to send the seven men to the DI Khan jail under Section 3 of Maintenance of Public Order (MPO) ordinance.

A senior police official told ChitralToday that such a step was taken against anyone who has been caught with drug weighing more than one kg for at least three times and who has managed to get out of jail each time.

Sending anyone out of Chitral to a far-off jail is a punishment to teach the person a lesson in order to check his illegal activities when all other options are exhausted, he added.

He said all the seven persons are residents of areas located in the limits of the Chitral city police.

The official said once in jail, the three-month detention period could be extended and the suspects would continue rotting in jail.

This is necessary to send a clear message to all other elements who are involved in the illegal business, he added.

Last month, the police arrested a man after recovering over 15 kg opium from his house in Parabeg village of Garam Chashma.

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  1. The names should have been disclosed here as general public remains not aware of many of them. Once a man on the road whom I knew but not well asked us to make his bail for some false report. When I asked about him then only we came to know that he was a drug dealer.
    The youth of Chitral is especially destroyed by these people.
    It would be a great service by the government if communities would be given open hand to deal with them by own. They consider jails as guest houses and come out in days to resume their lethal activities.

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