NCHR seeks report on Lot Oveer honour killing case

PESHAWAR: The National Commission for Human Rights (NCHR) has taken notice of the murder of a teenage girl and a young man in the name of honour in Lot Oveer area of Upper Chitral. NCHR seeks report on the case.

In a letter addressed to the district police officer (DPO) of Chitral, the regional office of the NCHR in Peshawar on Wednesday referred to a story published in ChitralToday on June 23 in which it was reported that police were under pressure to declare the honour killing case as a suicide.

The two young persons were murdered in the name of honour in Nichagh village of Lot Oveer and their bodies were recovered in a wooded area  on June 19, 2020, police had earlier confirmed to ChitralToday.

The commission sought a report on the honour killing case, including “whether section of the law with regard to honour killing is applied to the FIR or otherwise at your earlier.”

The letter added: “The office may also be apprised of the investigations so far conducted into the case.”

The copies of the letter titled, “Request for action: honour killing in Upper Chitral” were forwarded to the inspector general of the police (IGP) KP and the NCHR head office in Islamabad.

It may be mentioned that so far the police have failed to make any progress on the killing of the two persons.  Due to lack of resources in the police station of the remote area, the case has been shifted to the police station in Booni, the headquarters of the new district of Upper Chitral.

Sources earlier said it seemed people of the village, comprising about 40 houses, were bent on hushing up the case. No one from the side of the girl or the young man approached the police to lodge an FIR of the case after the incident.

It has also been learnt that seven people have been murdered since the establishment of the police station in the area in 2015 and none of the cases could be traced and the murderers punished.

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