Chitral’s quarantine centres spreading coronavirus: cleric


CHITRAL: Quarantine centres spreading coronavirus: cleric

Known religious leader and khateeb of Shahi Bazaar Masjid Molana Israruddin Al-Hilal said the district administration of Lower Chitral is following double standards regarding precautionary measures against the spread of the coronavirus.

He said on the basis of like and dislike influential and people  having connections were allowed to go home upon their return from outside Chitral without being quarantined while poor, labourers and law abiding persons were shifted to the so-called quarantine centres.

The arrangements at the quarantine centres are poor and healthy people are being kept with even those having symptoms of coronavirus. As a result, those not affected by the virus are also being infected in the quarantine centres.

To prove his point, he gave the example of his own nephew who was kept in quarantine and later a carrier of the virus was also kept with him in a room who later tested positive for the virus.

The inmates also had to use a single washroom and as a result of this his nephew also tested positive for the virus on April 27, he added.

Speaking at a press conference, Molana Hilal criticized the district administration and said due to its mismanagement the quarantine centres in Chitral, especially the commerce college hostel, have become the breeding ground fir the coronavirus.

He said the quarantine centres have no facilities and its management was not following the protocol and standards set by the government.

He warned that if anything happened to his nephew, the deputy commissioner of Lower Chitral and other officers would be responsible.

Molana Hilal also came down hard on the members of national and provincial assemblies and said Chitral was leaderless and there was no one to raise a voice for the rights of the poor.

He said if the administration is serious in checking the spread of the virus it should provide facilities to the inmates in accordance with the guidelines of the World Health Organization and quarantine everyone without discrimination.–Muhkam Uddin Ayuni

  1. Professor Zahid M Malik says

    The elected members from Chitral are toothless and mute. I have never heard them take part in national or provincial parliaments. They take the taxpayers money and have a good holiday in Islamabad and Peshawar and are incapable of understanding or presenting the regions problems. They must be held accountable and their performance must be monitored and evaluated. The region of Chitral. Lack even the basic of things such as clean water and removal.of rubbish, health care system – the Drosh hospital even lacks a modern X-Ray machine, the current one is 120 years old. I have not seen like it even here in London.

    Representatives must hold surgeries to take back and explain to the National and provincial assemblies the needs of the people and not discuss useless issues. The village of Osiak for instance does not have a clean drinking water and people are forced to go up the hill to collect dirty polluted water from a canal. There is no mechanism for collecting rubbish and the bazaar shop keepers are in the habit of throwing their rubbish in the river. There are no checks on the works of the DCs, ACs and TMAs.
    People of Chitral need an educated and an effective representative to help Chitral to become a modern district. InshaAllah I will represent Chitral in the next election.

  2. Professor Zahid M Malik says

    The quarantine centres provide excellent facilities and are effective in stopping the spread of the virus. This man is always after a cheap.publicity

  3. Mutasim Billah says

    This man is called true and genuine molvi. He has highlighted a very important issue. The district admin has turned the whole district into a breeding ground of coronovirus. Never seen a poor DC in history of Chitral. Now is the time the people of Chitral should take to the street against both the commissioner and the DC.

    And yeh I have heard MPA Hidayatur Rehman is reportedly “begging” the DC to forgive him after he made an audio recording of his conversation with him viral on social medial. Oh listen Hidayat, God forbid if this proved to be true it will not only be your own political murder but will also prove to be the last nail in the coffin of your party in Chitral besides making people of Chitral a laughing stock before the whole nation. If you do not care about your own dignity, do not do politics at cost of innocent Chitralis.

    Be brave and act like a leader. Move a privilege motion against both the commissioner and the DC in the Provincial Assembly and remind them their worth. You are an elected representative of 600,000 people so do not bow down before these baboos. Trust me molvi, you will emerge as a hero of Chitralis if you can slightly get to know the difference between a lawmaker and a govt official. Do proceed with a privilege motion against the duo as this is one of the best tools you can use to tighten the noose around these baboos.

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