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NBP to disburse salary, pension area-wise to avoid rush

MASTUJ: In order to avoid rush in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, the National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) Mastuj branch has announced to pay March’s pension and salary to government employees on different dates and area-wise.

The NBP in a statement asked the employees and pensioners to receive their salary and pensions from the bank branch on the dates mentioned below:

  • Salaried class belonging to Mastuj, Sarghuz, Parwak and Sonoghur on March 27.
  • Parkusab, Chuinj, Chapali and Kargin on March 30.
  • Shai Das, Gasht and Harchin on March 31.
  • Raman, Phort and Brok on April 1.
  • Balim and Solaspur on April 2.
  • Brep, Istach, Dizg and Khruzg on April 3.
  • Mahting, Bang, Meragram and Patrangaz on April 6.
  • Pavur, Wasum and Zzupu on April 7 and
  • Gazen to Broghil on April 8.
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