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Chitrali women live a miserable life, says student poet

PESHAWAR: Alia Saeed, a student and poet from Chitral, stole the show by reading out a poem in Khowar that was based on oppression and inhuman treatment being meted out to women.
“People refer to Chitrali girls as fairies living in the snow-capped mountains but they don’t know that in fact women in Chitral live a miserable life and need quality education and healthcare,” she rendered.
She presented her poem during a recitation session at University of Peshawar. Around 20 poets participated in the event held in connection with the international women’s day.

Poets praised contributions of women to society and said no power could stop them from raising voice for their rights. They read out poems to eulogize the services of women in every field of life, saying they could no longer be caged. Around 20 poets presented their poetry in Pashto, Urdu and Khowar.

Prof Owais Qarni presented a brief account of women writers and termed their works a great treasure trove for the society.

The poets said time had come to break social taboos and sow in new seeds on the soil that would bear fruits of strength, motivation and spirit of serving humanism for women and help them to lead the world.

The event was organised jointly by Khwendo Adabi Lakhl(ar (KHAL) and Khyber Literary Club (KLC).

Chairing the function, senior social worker Miraj Humayun Khan said she was 11-year-old when she stood up for rights of women and proved to the society that women could achieve their goals if determined.

“I am impressed to see women poets and writers boldly express themselves though much sadness and pal of complaints with society overwhelms their poems. No one denies the strength of women when it comes to patience, confidence and humanism,” said Ms Khan.

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